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The Hypnotherapy Society member number RB00P0179

Rosemary Byrne (DHYP CS {distinction} & HBCE)

If you are a smoker you will have your own reasons and triggers for continuing to smoke cigarettes.  You will also have unique reasons for wanting to get off cigarettes for good –AND WHEN YOU MAKE THE CHANGES WITHIN YOUR SUBCONSCIOUS MIND YOU WILL.  Together, you and I can discuss in as much detail as you’re happy to share, what it will take for you to become a non-smoker. 

A 60-90 minute initial consultation is included in the treatment plan for a smoking cessation client. You are an individual.  As your hypnotherapist I can guarantee that I will be creating and using your own, unique hypnotherapy script for your treatment.

Quit Smoking – what’s included?:

60-90 minute initial consultation

60 minute treatment session at least 24 hours after the initial consultation

Up to two free of charge top-up sessions if required (prior to each of these a mini consultation may be required to establish if there are any changes since the first session)

Quit Smoking leaflet

Money savings sheet money is a motivator

Personalised CD if required for support after quitting


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